OOO. ‘Odd One Out’ is a semi-ephemeral, portable installation by Latvian artist and jeweller, ieva jankovska. Produced in association with Yalla Riso and Double Door Studios for Volk Gallery, Dundee. OOO is a 50 piece edition of a custom design matchbox containing approximately 250 matches per box, one of which is hand-crafted in metal. 
The owner of the box is presented with a choice - to use up their ordinary(aspen) matches as and when required and be left with a single hand-crafted artefact or preserve the installation as a whole and buy an alternative source of fire as and when required. Each of the options presents a dilemma and raises questions relating to consumerism, preciousness, value and otherness. 
To see the full documentation of this edition, check out or follow the #oooedition on Instagram.